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Bulk SMS Provider in Farrukhabad

Pinnacle Web Solutions a leading bulk SMS provider in Farrukhabad. Our bulk SMS service will help you to reach out thousands of peoples in just few clicks. The type of service is made keeping the cell phone habit in mind. Your customer has greater chances to open the SMS and reach you than sending him an email.

Objectives :

The primarily objective of using Bulk SMS service is to reach 1000s of customer in once. We have classified the list of objectives for why this form of marketing is used and comes handy for any type of business.

  • Create quick communication with your client.
  • The best form of advertising which comes both cheap and rapid. In just a click your client will find you and your product.
  • Cheaper than other form of advertising, effective to reach out customer.
  • Easy to make, no need to hassle with complicated software. All you need is basic computer knowledge.

Application and Uses of Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS has more than just a use to reach customer. There are many occasion that one use Bulk SMS service for their business advertisement.

Cost Effective

Unlike other sources of advertising and tele marketing, Bulk SMS is the cheapest service. With some bucks you can put your business in over 1000s of customers mind. Pinnacle Web Solutions, the number 1 bulk SMS agency in Farrukhabad offer it in even cheaper rate.

Quick to send

What it takes is just few seconds to outreach the customer you're looking for. Your message could deliver to the recipient in much faster way than traditional marketing methods.

Time Saver technique to build Audience

Create a single message and send it the list of clients. No need to copy and paste the message and flip number on your phone. Your bulk SMS provider provides an easy to use tool to create and burn numerous messages in very low amount of time.

100% Reliable method

Our SMS service is reliable and will be deliver in time. The one advantage of using bulk SMS service is that it cannot slip for user hand.

Advantages of implementing Bulk SMS service for your business model

  1. Throughout their objectives, Bulk SMS could provide you an effective business development and marketing services at cheap, lesser time and reliability.
  2. Send bulk SMS using any computer, no dedicated software is required to install. The process is possible via tablet too.
  3.  Responsive interaction with customer is possible with bulk SMS. Alert your customer about latest offers, discounted product and or discount coupon code.
  4. Send payment alert to your customer in single click. Effective for small businesses.
  5. Promotional and Transactional message sending service for any type of requirement.
  6. Quick in reach, no need to look up for a long time or burden task handling.
  7. Low cost or cheap SMS per person.

Bulk SMS Types:

In Bulk SMS we can Send Two Types of SMS.

  1. Promotional Bulk SMS.
  2. Transactional Bulk SMS.

1. Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS can be used for Sharing Business Promotional Messages Transactional Messages. Any User can promote their business through Bulk SMS. We are Providing Some Business promotional Applications as follows.

Promotional Bulk SMS for Business:

Everyone wants to promote their business through internet or advertisement or pamphlets etc. Always the businessman promotes their business it’s new or old with low cost as well as his expect more response rate from his customers. Who are thinking in these way or other way the promotional Bulk SMS is the best Choice to Choose in our India.

Promotional Bulk SMS for Banks:

In Banks they place some offers like exchange gold and get loan or 20% discount today we are deposit 10, 00,000 lacks above etc. Banks share their offers to their regular customers or new customers within seconds through bulk SMS. Through bulk SMS the banks save his time and get immediate customers at that day.

Promotional Bulk SMS for Schools, Colleges and Offices:

Every School or college or offices contain large cloud everyday or every year they want to new students or new employees. At that time their providing some offers like we are reduce the fees who are getting 90% in inter or 10th class etc. Also promote like two members join in your family we are giving 50% reduction in their fee. For sharing this type of information the promotional bulk SMS is best choice.

Promotional Bulk SMS for Hospitals:

In Hospital they Promote like we are having 10+ experience doctors and we are finding medicines for cancer and also we are placing latest technology equipments and who are regularly came for that people we are given 20% offer in their fee to promote this type of information we are use Bulk SMS.

Promotional Bulk SMS for Training/Coaching Institutions:

The Promotions are heavily done in training centers because in these we are having heavy competition. The promotions are we are giving 30% concession for 3 Courses or taking total package etc. The Bulk SMS saves the money and also save his time and no need to share pamphlets or advertisements etc.

The Above all are shows the best uses of bulk SMS in different organizations. The usage of bulk SMS is not only in above organizations but also in remaining organizations, who want to publish/promote their business to large amount of people.

Features of Promotional Bulk SMS:

2. Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS is used for sharing transactional messages like today we are deposited 30000 or withdraw 1000 or today is holiday or tomorrow have a meeting at 9.00 etc. Depending on organization we are sharing useful and emergency information we are shared. We detailed explain usage of transactional Bulk SMS in different organizations as follows.

Transactional Bulk SMS for Banks:

Every Banker want to send some alert message for their customer like today you are withdraw 8000 or deposited 1,00000.Also send some indications like tomorrow last date for paying your loan or someone try to hack your account etc.

Transactional Bulk SMS for Hospitals:

The hospital management want B+ blood group for emergency patient. They are not found this group in his hospital as well as in surroundings. At that moment we are share the information like we are want b+ blood group anyone have please come to our hospital (address declaration).Also share the information we are finding unauthorized patient in our hospital.

Transactional Bulk SMS for Schools, Colleges and Offices:

Schools, Colleges are having same type of information like tomorrow a scheduled exam is postponed or today is a holiday etc. Bulk SMS saving Teachers time as well as saving money. We also send all student marks list at a time. In offices share information like tomorrow have a meeting or holidays or salary updating.

Transactional Bulk SMS for Training/Coaching Institutions:

Any training/coaching institutions having information like tomorrow classes is scheduled at 9.00 or tomorrow has a holiday or today start a new batches c#.net or java etc.

Transactional Bulk SMS for Business:

In Our business field we are sending informational messages like holidays or anyone in emergency situation etc.

Finally for sharing useful information the transactional bulk SMS is very helpful. It gives alert messages as well as gives emergency messages. It saves time and money.

Features of Transactional SMS

Limitations in Bulk SMS:

  1. We are unable to send our promotional SMS to DND Numbers.
  2. The credits are misused when customer mobile in switch off mode or not in coverage.
  3. We are having some time limits like we are sending promotional SMS within 9Am-9Pm only.
  4. SMS sending done through credits like 1-160(1 credit), 161-306(2 credits), 307-457(3 credits) etc.

We Provide Bulk sms in major cities of Uttar Pradesh

Agra Bijnor Firozabad Kannauj Mathura Rampur
Aligarh Budaun Ghaziabad Kanpur Meerut Sambhal
Baghpat Bulandshahr Gola Gokarannath Lakhimpur Moradabad Shahjahanpur
Bareilly Etawah Hapur Lucknow Muzaffarnagar Sharanpur
Bharatpur Farrukhabad Hardoi Mainpuri Pilibhit Sitapur

We Provide Bulk sms in Local areas of Bareilly

Aonla Bissauli Fatehganj West Mirganj Wazirganj
Barkhera Chandausi Gobindapur Richha
Bhojipura Dataganj Jahanabad Sadullahganj
Bilaspur Deoranian Khudaganj Sarauli
Bisalpur Faridpur Milak Shergarh

We Provide Bulk sms in major cities of Uttarakhand

Almora Haldwani Kashipur Nainital Rudrapur
Bhimdatta Kaladhungi Khatima Pithoragarh