OpenCart is an online eCommerce/store management system.It uses HTML and PHP components with MYSQL database which gives platform for various languages and currencies. It helps to make our grocery online and at free license under the GNU (General Public License).

Here,at Pinnacle, we provide you the opportunity find and develop your store to create a professional look at eCommerce business and products sell and buy.

Our Latest Modules :

Special Discount

Special Discount Sticker

This adds a label on the special price poducts by installing it through the VQmanager in admin panel.

Special Save

Special Save Sticker

Special Save sticker Opencart module,VQmod extension adds Save sticker to the ‘Discounted’ and ‘Special’ products.

INR Symbol

INR Symbol Module

INR symbol module,a VQmod extension,adds an INR symbol to the prices including special price and invoice in your opencart.

Category Menu Image

Category Menu Image Display

The Category Menu Image Display module, is a VQmod extension that displays images that is set by admin on the site main menu in your opencart.

Price Change with option

Price Change with option

• Price is updated on live
• Also works with special and discounted price
• When you change the option / quantity, the price changes automatically.

You can Download Here:

  • VQmod Extension
  • Special Discount

  • VQmod Extension
  • Special save

  • VQmod Extension
  • INR Symbol

  • VQmod Extension
  • Category Menu Image

  • VQmod Extension
  • Price Change with Option

Love this module I always wanted to have something like this in my store.
Geet Sethi
Very very help full extension.Thanks for the person who created this!!
Himanshu Yadav
This is it.Good Readable font 5 Star Application. Thanks
Rashi Anand
All these modules are fine and enhances the store’s functionality.
Sarang Kohli
Good module ,nice for stores capability improvement.
Rishi Sethi
Like it★★★★
Cherrylyn Calimlim